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Adobe Acrobat is a family of application software and Web services developed by Adobe Inc. to view, create, manipulate, print and manage files in Portable Document Format (PDF).The family comprises Acrobat Reader (formerly Reader), Acrobat (formerly Exchange) and The basic Acrobat Reader, available for several desktop and mobile platforms, is freeware; it supports viewing, printing and annotating of PDF files. Additional, "Premium", services are available for reader on paid subscription. The commercial proprietary Acrobat, available for Microsoft Windows and macOS only, can also create, edit, convert, digitally sign, encrypt, export and publish PDF files. complements the family with a variety of enterprise content management and file hosting services.

Damian K mentioned: "Oh Sweet Acrobat, where hast thou gone?" I disliked the following: 1. Stability - Crashes early and often 2. Feature Set - PDF's ubiquity demands more and more editing features. Acrobat DC does not provide them, and the ones they do provide are buried beneath a further clunkified interface 3. The interface - I mean, not to put too fine a point on it, but they are treating the interface like a Fisher Price toy. Bright circus colors, big round buttons, etc. But this doesn't make it easier to use. It, in fact, obfuscates features."


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Taliesin says

"Three stars only because the older versions actually worked while the new \"DC\" stands for Digital Crap. Adobe are really pushing everyone in the direction of this MLM racket subscription model and bricking their software in the process. It\'s a major PITA to locate the last good version, Acrobat XI, and when you do you either have to purchase a used copy and then haggle on the phone to reset the activation, or just go the gray-hat route through legally dubious sources. This is why people end up going with torrents, Astalavista etc. If you don\'t want people pirating, then don\'t screw up your product so bad that some script kiddie in Stockholm or Moscow offers better customer service than your actual company!!!!!"

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